A Smart Way to Buy Cheap Options with Volatility Visualizer

A Smart Way to Buy Cheap Options with Volatility Visualizer

Traders need to take advantage of the free information the markets provide such as implied volatility, open interest, unusual options activity, and more.

Volatility Visualizer is a tool we built to help traders find high probability trades based on the information provided to traders through the options market. Too many traders settle on technical analysis, or some simplified analysis to guess on the direction of a given ticker.

In general, traders we meet find more consistency trading the markets when using real statistical data to generate ideas. Once using this data, traders seem to be surprised that they survived so long without using volatility, and tracking a stocks expected move.

Traders should take advantage of the statistics shared in the Thinkorswim scanning tool to make educated, high probability trading decisions. These statistics include information about how many times the stock has traded outside its expected move, which also means how many times a stock outperformed its implied volatility.

Experienced traders find volatility as the most consistent form of options analysis. Instead of traders guessing which way a stock moves, we encourage traders to speculate on how much movement a stock has, as opposed to which direction that stock is moving.

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