About Us

Professional trader, educator and coach

My back-story and why I'm motivated to be here for you.

Let’s get this out of the way: There are no get-rich-quick schemes here.If that’s what you’re looking for, I won’t even waste your time. Trading isn’t for getting rich quick.

Your ultimate goal with trading should be to grow and manage your money, over time. And, trading is a very real profession that takes time to master. I should know! I’ve been doing this for well over 20 years.

Like many professions, it can take years of training and experience to truly master the skills needed for success. By sticking with me, I’ll help you skip over common mistakes, mishaps, and we’ll avoid misinformation so that you can trade confidently in just 6-12 months.

I know that you might already be confused, frustrated, and exhausted from all the things you’ve tried to date – and that 6 to 12 months might seem like a while.

You may have already been sold false, nonsense promises about making tons of money super quickly – or fed bad advice and incorrect information by other trading “gurus.” You may have also received tools that didn’t give you the full range of information needed to make smart trading decisions.

On top of that, if you’ve found yourself absorbing advice only to lose money, stay stagnant, or see very limited or neutral gains, you may even be thinking about giving up altogether. And, I don’t blame you!

But, if you love the markets as much as I do, giving up won’t scratch the itch. You’re hungry for REAL answers, REAL knowledge, and REAL advice. That, my friend, is precisely why I created Masters in Trading – to provide straightforward, simple, sustainable education for traders (like YOU) who want to turn their passion for the markets into a profitable, full-time job.

So sure, 6 to 12 months might sound like a long time, but I’m not here to sell you an empty dream. I’m here to teach you the REAL way to trade.

Lesson One: Trading comes with risks.

Anyone who tells you that results are “guaranteed” is not providing a clear picture of the truth. No one has a crystal ball that can predict the future. Not even me! All of the technical analysis and charts and fancy nicknames can’t change the bottom line of what trading is. You are taking your money and speculating on an outcome that can’t be guaranteed. Just like any business investment, you can learn how to make smart, strategic choices, but NOTHING is truly guaranteed.

Of course, I wasn’t born knowing all of this. I learned this myself over a life-long career as a derivative trader.

Here’s the story of how I became the trader, educator, and coach I am today.

I always knew I wanted to trade. Growing up in New Jersey, I always loved numbers and money. I would go to the races, play sports, and bet on horses. It didn’t take me long to figure out that I wanted to work in a career where there was no earning cap. The idea of a locked-in salary gave me the heeby-jeebies! So I went to the University of Miami and majored in finance.

My first job out of college was working on the trading floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. I made $1.5 million in my first year. It felt… easy. Almost TOO easy. What does a 22-year-old even DO with that kind of money? Go to Vegas? Check. Make more money? Check. But after 6 years, the market shifted. All of the money that came easily just stopped and all of a sudden, we couldn’t make a dime. I saw many of my colleagues getting frustrated and angry. Losing everything they’d made. They were still trying to make the market work for them instead of the other way around. This is how I learned a ton about trading Futures, and I teach most of those lessons now in my Futures Academy.

Lesson Two: Industries and markets change, so you must evolve with them.

I left the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and joined a new firm. When we started, the firm had only 6 employees. Over the following 7.5 years, we grew the firm to 200 people, ultimately selling it to a billion-dollar hedge fund. A friend and I hired and trained every single trader and I personally ran the training program. At one point, I had over 100 traders working for me. Fun fact: The training program and communities within Portfolio Masters Club Options and Portfolio Masters Club Futures are modeled on the program I created for my trainees then, and my Masters in Futures program was born out of this.

Lesson Three: With trading, you have to go find what’s working.

You can’t keep doing the same thing over and over and expect the same results forever. The market doesn’t work like that!

In 2010, we sold the firm. I took a year off to train for triathlon training and completed the IRONMAN Wisconsin. Refreshed and invigorated, I got back into trading. This time I was back on the floor in Chicago but NOW (in 2011) the market was different. This is where I learned about options trading. I evolved into a market maker, really seeing the ins and outs of turning a profit with options. What I teach now inside my Options Academy and Masters in Options program is based on this insider knowledge.

From there, I moved to consulting and trading at home, leveraging my wealth of knowledge for myself and my clients. It wasn’t until I was out at dinner one evening when the whole idea for Masters in Trading came to me after an acquaintance shared that they had started a business teaching people how to trade.

But… you’ve NEVER been a professional trader?! I said, completely SHOCKED!

He replied, Yes but I’ve read X, Y, Z books on the subject, so….”

I really didn’t listen to anything else because my brain exploded. I checked out his content and I was appalled – and not because he was a bozo who was successfully doing this, but because he was selling so much insufficient information! Sure, the trades he taught gave people maybe one quick win. But long term? It wasn’t enough. It wasn’t teaching them how to GUARD their money.

At that moment, I knew I had to do better. I knew I had the experience, know-how, and ability to teach the real deal and fix all the confusion. Masters in Trading was born.

Lesson Four: Understand first. Invest second.

I will always remind you that trading comes with risks. You must know how to trade intelligently if you want to create sustainable success. You have to know how to manage your risk and your money.

At Masters in Trading, we don’t sell quick wins. I can’t promise you specific results any more than our family baseball coach can promise what my son’s batting average will be next year. It’s anyone’s guess!

What I can promise is that I am 100% committed to helping you understand and learn. After all - it’s your money, your life, and your family!

You don’t want to risk your money without a full understanding of what you’re doing. That’s why my mission is to provide MORE than any other online platform offering trading education. My aim is to develop students and clients, like you, into confident traders through solid, easy-to-digest education, custom guidance, and a tight-knit community.

This all begins with my free tutorials, trainings, and even free trials of my membership so you can UNDERSTAND first, and invest second.