Traders who are open to learning a relative value approach will love Bond Bootcamp. In fact, all the other futures trading strategies we teach at Masters in Trading are derived from the exact concepts taught in Bond Bootcamp.

So, if you're willing to invest the time and learn how to trade bonds, you will be also be preparing yourself to trade any other asset class. This trade will take time to learn but for those truly committed, the juice is worth the squeeze.  Jonathan spent 7 years of his career at a firm that specialized in Bond Futures.  He and his partner trained over 50% of the 100+ traders at the prop firm. Learn from his indispensable experience


In Bond Bootcamp, you'll learn:

  • How to trade outright Bond Futures 
  • How to trade correlated Futures contracts (Pairs)
  • How toFollow the yield curve to forecast Equity movements
  • An introduction to Future Butterflies
  • Futures Butterfly construction
  • Advanced Hedging and Position Management techniques
  • Trading in a flattening vs. steepening interest rate environment
  • How to anticipate Fed rate changes


Purchase Bond Bootcamp for the low price of $297.


$297 – Bond Bootcamp


  • 8.5 Hours


The Bond Trading Bootcamp workshop includes:

  • [pdf] 25 Page Report
    This report covers the 3 levels of Bond Trading: 1. Outright Trading 2. Spread Trading 3. Triangles and Butterfly Trading
  • Quarterly Butterfly Ratio Updates
  • Bond Bootcamp Workshop
    3.5+ hr Foundation (2 Videos)
  • 2 Live Class Recordings
    2 prior 60 minute Bond Class Lessons (2 Videos)
  • 3 Advanced Bond Recordings (3 Hours of additional video content)


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