Find unusual options activity and follow great trade opportunities in real time.

Cheddar Flow is a powerful options scanner that allows traders to uncover unusual options activity and follow the smart money in real time.  This is an easy to use and comprehensive scanning tool without a steep price. For the Masters in Trading Community, the Dark Pool scans were an immediate hit.  Start your free 7 day trial.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie investor, Cheddar Flow is easy to use and is perfect for unlocking your full potential in the market. You can try it out for FREE with our 7-day trial. Start your journey to financial success today with Cheddar Flow.

Empower your trading with these features:

Smart Order Tracking

Cut through irrelevant data so that you can hone in on specific market data that is most important to you. Cheddar Flow's platform curates information in real-time and presents the most significant trades that institutions and hedge funds are making. This allows you to follow the smart money!

Monitoring Dark Pool Activity

Cheddar Flow monitors thousands of trades in the dark pools and intelligently identifies them so that you're equipped with the best insight for the best possible trading decisions.

Dark Pool monitoring, combined with live charting and resistance levels, provide you with a valuable toolset so you can spot institutional trade volumes.

State-of-the-Art Filtering

Cheddar Flow comes with advanced filtering options like multi-select filter ability, advanced range scales, and personal watchlist filters. With 30+ advanced filters, you're free to customize the platform to best fit your trading strategy. Cheddar Flow features some of the most advanced filtering options in the market!

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