Frequently Asked Questions

Please check below for answers before writing for help.

Everything You Need to Know about Discord:

Getting started on Discord is simple, you'll just need to head over here and create an account.

Note: You only need one ID.
Once you have your ID, you can log in via any browser/device (the same way that you use an email account).

It's simple. 

Make sure you are logged in (your browser or app) and click this link:

You'll be asked to join our server:

Step One: Agree to the rules

Step 2: Check your DM's - - Look for MEE6 (the blue smiley guy).

Step Three: Complete the form in your DM's

Note: Please Complete the form appropriate to you. You'll only get access to programs you are enrolled in. If you are a Wiretapper Client, completing the form won't get you Edge Access.

Step 4:
Now that we've received your information, give us a little time as Mod reviews it and assigns you the appropriate roles.

When you are logged in you'll see your Discord ID in the bottom left.

Your full Discord ID includes the four-digit code.

In this example, the Discord User ID is: steve11#9644