Frequently Asked Questions

Please check below for answers before writing for help.

Everything You Need to Know about Discord:

I've never used Discord Before, How do I get started?

Getting started on Discord is simple, you'll just need to head over here and create an account.

Note: You only need one ID.
Once you have your ID, you can log in via any browser/device (the same way that you use an email account).

I have my Discord ID, How do I join MIT FIT CLUB?

It's simple. 

Make sure you are logged in (your browser or app) and click this link:

You'll be asked to join our server:

Okay - I have joined the server, now what?

Step One: Agree to the rules

Step 2: Check your DM's - - Look for MEE6 (the blue smiley guy).

Step Three: Complete the form in your DM's

Note: Please Complete the form appropriate to you. You'll only get access to programs you are enrolled in. If you are a Wiretapper Client, completing the form won't get you Edge Access.

Step 4:
Now that we've received your information, give us a little time as Mod reviews it and assigns you the appropriate roles.

How do I know what my Discord ID is?

When you are logged in you'll see your Discord ID in the bottom left.

Your full Discord ID includes the four-digit code.

In this example, the Discord User ID is: steve11#9644