Earnings Academy

Earnings Academy

Earnings Academy is a systematic approach Jonathan learned as a market maker working at the Options exchange. This is the exact approach he uses to trade every earnings season.

Market makers value options based on what an expected move could be (volatility). For earnings trades, if you analyze the behavior of a stock's (or option's) historical movement around an earnings release, you can get a sense of what to expect for the next earnings release.  Jonathan will teach you how to scan, trade, and most importantly, how to manage these trades. Once learned you won’t want to trade earnings any other way.

For your continuing education, we hold a LIVE 60-minute class, led once per quarter, that will walk you through my SIMPLE Earnings Trading Strategy to isolate the BEST 8 to 10 trade ideas for that earning season.  Every Earnings Academy participant will receive our 8-10 BEST Earnings Trades.

And YES, I will hold your hand through each trade idea. But most importantly, I will show you the WHY and the HOW behind all of my trades so that you will feel confident flying (and trading) solo for the long-haul!


In Earnings Academy, you'll learn:

  • How to look for trades during Earnings Season so you can learn the WHY behind the strategy
  • My PRECISE methodology that I apply every Earnings Season so you’ll be 100% confident in this approach after 3 to 4 classes
  • Ways to build a sheet with trade ideas so you can rinse and repeat this process for yourself, forever!
  • How to get a clear YES/NO on any possible Earnings Trade opportunity
  • My fool-proof method for finding inefficiencies in the market (a.k.a. BIG money-making opportunities!)
  • Why market makers use historical scans to value today’s options
  • The Powerful EDGE of having your own “go-to” approach every Earnings Season – 4x Per Year!
  • The highest probability earnings strategy this 22-year trading veteran has ever come across


You can get access to single LIVE class, a full year or a lifetime of Earnings Academy LIVE classes.

Earnings Academy


Earnings Academy – Live Classes – Full Year of Classes


  • 60 Minute LIVE Class
    Held quarterly; Led by Jonathan
  • 4+ Hrs – Exclusive Archives from the Previous Year


Every quarter, we offer a 60 minute LIVE class where we’ll:  

  • Go through all 3,600 possible trade options for that Earnings Season (Yup!) 
  • “Backtest” the trade options using historical data (I make this SIMPLE!) 
  • Build a sheet of the 8 to 10 BEST trade ideas (Ready, Set, Trade!) 


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