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Jonathan Rose is a professional trader, educator, and coach with over 20 years of experience. In 1997, Jonathan made his first $1.5 million trading on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Since then, he’s produced over $10 million and adapted and expanded his expertise as the markets have evolved. He left the exchange floor in 2003 to helpgrow a trading firm from 6 to 200 employees before selling it to a billion-dollar hedge fund in 2010.

Jonathan has trained over 100 traders in futures, and stock options, become a market maker in options, and consulted for hundreds of clients and students while continuing to trade from home. After seeing the hacky information many self-proclaimed trading “gurus” were sharing online, Jonathan felt compelled to share the truth about trading.

Jonathan created Masters in Trading in 2015 to help equip aspiring traders with REAL information and effective strategies for approaching the profession of trading for long-term success. He supports students and clients with free video tutorials, Portfolio Masters Club (a monthly membership), 2 in-demand courses, and a group training and mentorship program for his top-tier students. Jonathan lives in Chicago with his wife Carrie, sons, and the newest member of their family Mercury.