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You’re NOT going to build a long-term money making strategy to grow wealth by simply relying on technical analysis patterns or trying to interpret price action.

Reason #1

The market is constantly evolving with new opportunities, shifts, and updates every day! If you aren’t keeping up, you’ll get left behind.

Reason #2

No one has a crystal ball and charts aren’t going to suddenly make you the Nostradamus of trading!

What you really need is a new approach – an approach that takes evolution into account and provides you with up-to-the-moment ideas, information, guidance, and real-time help from a professional trader that has market maker experience.

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Bonuses, surprises, and in-the-moment ideas and insights
When ideas and opportunities arrive, I love to share the wealth of knowledge and trade concepts with Portfolio Masters Club members first. I can’t predict when lightning will strike, but I can promise you’ll be happy to hear about it when it happens!

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Quality content and Jonathan is accessible and willing to reply to questions quickly!

Steven Luka

Love the spreadsheet for trading options. Love the fact that we know the story behind the trade, the timeframe behind the trade, and what instruments to use, calls, puts etc!

Steve Paquette

You found trades that I never would have seen.

Cliff Lang

My favorite part is Jonathan's rapid response to questions and general support - doing his best to help me!

Alex Dowland

Give me 7 days, I’ll give you the insights, knowledge, and answers to start making dependable, reliable, profitable trades.


Jonathan Rose is a professional trader, educator, and coach with over 20 years of experience. In 1997, Jonathan made his first $1.5 million trading on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Since then, he’s produced over $10 million and adapted and expanded his expertise as the markets have evolved. He left the exchange floor in 2003 to help grow a trading firm from 6 to 200 employees before selling it to a billion-dollar hedge fund in 2010.

Jonathan has trained over 100 traders in futures and stock options, become a market maker in options, and consulted for hundreds of clients and students while continuing to trade from home. After seeing the hacky information many self-proclaimed trading “gurus” were sharing online, Jonathan felt compelled to share the truth about trading.

Jonathan created Masters in Trading in 2015 to help equip aspiring traders with REAL information and effective strategies for approaching the profession of trading for long-term success. He provides support and educates with video tutorials, Portfolio Masters Club (membership), On-Demand courses, group training and MENTORSHIP PROGRAM for his top-tier students. Jonathan lives in Chicago with his wife Carrie, sons, and the newest member of their family, Mercury.