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EDGE Series Tools

All of the trades we find in Portfolio Masters Club Futures are discovered with these tools. The EDGE Series tools were built to capture the volatility and wide P/L swings of the financial markets in a more tactical, reliable and quantifiable manner.  These tools offer the perfect solution for traders who are serious about relative value trading. Gain an edge with some of the most advanced toolsets available anywhere.

Visit any EDGE tool below to learn more. The EDGE series is offered for BONDS, EQUITIES and ENERGY.

VIX Trading System & Backtesting Tool

VIX Trading SystemWe want to trade like snipers, and the VIX Trading System is our trusty “spotter.”
– VIX Trading System designer, Pablo Lucena

The widely followed VIX is a measurement of the S&P 500’s expected movement over a 30-day period. Most traders monitor the VIX to measure risks in the stock market, but this is short-sighted. To see the clear picture, traders must follow VIX Term Structure.

Why You Should Follow the ENTIRE VIX Term Structure

By focusing on the S&P 500's movement over a 30-day period, it's easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. Check out this example:

NOVEMBER 15, 2019

The VIX (30d) was trading at 12.07, and the 9-day VIX was 9.67.  This is considered “normal”.

FEBRUARY 17, 2020

The VIX (30d) spiked 226% from $12.07 to $39.16, but the action was hidden in the 9-day which jumped from $9.67 to $54.74, a 466% spike higher.

MARCH 16, 2020

The VIX (30d) continue to rise to $82.69.The 9-day VIX, again, tells the most accurate picture of the current trading environment.

The VIX tool got me flat my 401k and IRAs – I missed the down move in both accounts, which has been a huge relief.

– Chris Hawkinson

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