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Futures EDGE™

Proprietary Futures Charting Platform

Learn to trade Futures like the Pros. In global markets, every trade is pushing or pulling on other correlated trades. Because of this, traders need to evaluate opportunity using relative value.

Futures EDGE is a custom web-based charting system that makes it easy for you to analyze and correlate futures contracts. This system is the most comprehensive futures program on the market. To supplement your education and use of the tool, we provide 4 classes every month, 15+ hours of educational video, along with support through our active Discord channel.

Welcome to Futures EDGE™!

Our Futures program goes well above and beyond the basics of technical analysis (which is often the most you'll get from other programs found on the Internet) and provides you with proven techniques developed from market veterans with 20+ years of experience in the Chicago Futures Market.

Get the following:

  • Access to Futures EDGE, a web-based relative value trading tool
  • 4 Monthly Live Classes (Every Wednesday)
  • Introduction to Relative Value Futures Class (2 Hours)

  • Relative Value Futures Trading Education (8 Hours)

  • 5 Most Recent Live Class Recordings (5 Hours)

  • Access to Our Discord Community to Share Ideas and Get Answers

With Futures EDGE™, you won’t be left in the dark.

Futures EDGE

Futures EDGE Web-Based Charting Platform

4 Classes per Month

15 Hours of Educational Video

Access to Support through our Discord Community

Only $147 / Month

Learn Why You'll Benefit from Futures EDGE

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