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Tap into Actionable, High Probability Trades

Get the the World's First AI-Driven Unusual Options Activity Scanner Working for You!

I'm Jonathan Rose – 23-year professional trader, educator and founder of Masters in Trading

Do you want to know how professional traders like me, billion dollar hedge funds and the biggest market movers get the inside track on Wall Street?
I want to introduce you to a tool that that “wiretaps” the market and helps you get into huge stock moves before they happen.
Wall Street Wiretapper is an artificial intelligence-driven tool that quickly identifies unusual options activity and hones in on opportunities. The tool organizes unusual options activity in context with stats and scans that are exclusive to Wall Street Wiretapper.
With Wall Street Wiretapper, you won’t be left in the dark anymore.

March 2021 Offer!
Wall Street Wiretapper PLUS 30-Day Trial. JUST $47!
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Rebills at a discounted rate of $147 (normally $247). Cancel at ANY time.

See Wall Street Wiretapper in Action

Wall Street Wiretapper Plus

Welcome to Wall Street Wiretapper PLUS!

Wall Street Wiretapper PLUS combines the power of the Wall Street Wiretapper unusual options activity AI tool with continued education, live classes, weekly trade alerts, 8-12 active trades weekly and access to our best selling unusual options activity workshop into a monthly membership that will up your trading game. With Wall Street Wiretapper PLUS, you won’t be left in the dark anymore.

30-day trial of Wall Street Wiretapper PLUS. JUST $47!
Rebills at a discounted rate of $147 (normally $247). Join the trial now to lock in this rate. Cancel at any time.

With Wall Street Wiretapper PLUS, You Get:

  • Wall Street Wiretapper - Unusual Options Activity Tool

    Get unlimited access to the world's first AI-driven unusual options activity tool

  • Trades for the week

    Get 8-12 active trades every Sunday!

  • Weekly Unusual Options Activity Class

    Weekly Q&A with Jonathan Rose and Wall Street Wiretapper developer, Pablo Lucena

  • Weekly Trade Alerts

    Weekly trade alerts emailed directly to you!

  • Wiretapper Demonstration Class (5hrs)

    Get access to 5 hours of pre-recorded Unusual Options Activity training

  • Unusual Options Activity Cheat Sheet

    A detailed list of codes and label descriptions

  • Live Monthly Unusual Options Activity Class

    Participate in a LIVE monthly class

  • Unusual Options Activity Workshop (5hrs)

    Our best selling Unusual Options Activity workshop is yours. (Retails for $197)

"I'm learning tons from Masters in Trading - the investment has easily paid for itself. I've made a bunch on $$$ on the MIT trades, but even better - I've hit home runs with trades I found using what I've learned from you. "

-David B, Wall Street Wiretapper PLUS Member

Limited Time Offer!
30-day trial of Wall Street Wiretapper PLUS. JUST $47!
Rebills at a discounted rate of $147 (normally $247). Join the trial now to lock in this rate. Cancel at any time.

About Jonathan Rose
23-Year Professional trader, educator, coach and founder of Masters in Trading

Jonathan is a life-long career trader. It’s the first job he’s ever had, the only industry he’s ever worked in and it’s been his bread-and-butter for 23 years. He began in 1997 directly out of college right on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, in the open outcry Futures pits.

He made $1.5 million in his first year at just 22 years of age, trading with his hands. After a few years on the floor, he was poached by a Bond Futures prop firm in 2003.

He helped grow the firm from just six employees, to over 200. He was responsible for hiring and training every single trader and personally ran and oversaw the training program. He had over 100 traders working for him directly.

After the firm was sold to a billion-dollar hedge fund, Jonathan returned to the floor at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange and worked as an Options Market Maker. He also went on to help start and manage a highly successful boutique hedge fund.

In 2015, Jonathan had a run-in with a fake guru who was selling online trading courses despite never having been a successful trader or having worked in the industry professionally.

This exposure to the world of fake online trading gurus motivated Jonathan Rose to begin Masters in Trading with the goal of helping as many traders avoid pitfalls and scams as possible. His passion is to help people learn real institutional tricks, tactics, and strategies that real professionals use to manage risk and trade profitably.

Since then, Jonathan has worked to help both train new traders and also develop cutting edge trading tools and platforms, including Wall Street Wiretapper, the world’s first AI unusual options scanning tool.

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