I'm Bullish and I'll Tell You Why

I'm Bullish and I'll Tell You Why

I need to defend what I THINK should be happening in the markets right now and what IS ACTUALLY happening.

With a common sense approach given current world events (Talk of impeachment, US pulling out of Turkey, Inverted Yield Curve, Problems in the US, Hong Kong and Barcelona) I can't help but be Bearish.

But… I'm not. I can't be stubborn, I have to trade what's happening RIGHT NOW.

Now, the Fed is buying $60 Billion in Bills per month starting next week. The last time the Fed announced QE, the market took off.

The VIX is trading $13 and I can't fight that.

The market has tried to go lower, but it can't.

Keep your eye on retail. $XRT

Are consumers spending money? How will that move the market?

Have a look at this video for the Full Story: