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Mastering Options Trading 101 

(2 Hours)

($197 value)

Even if you’re knowledgeable on the basics of options trading, this “back to the fundamentals” course may include some nuggets that can super-boost your options trading. 

Remember – I was an Options Market Maker right on the floor CBOE and I’ve been a professional trader for nearly 25 years.

The insight that I’ve got to provide you comes from the INSIDE of this industry and it could give you a different perspective – a better perspective and a more effective way of doing things. 

In this two-part series, you’re going to start your options journey the RIGHT way by learning options trees, pricing, order execution, scanning, screening, and more!

Swinging For The Fences 

(1.5 Hours)

($297 value)

You know what I don’t like? Taking EXPENSIVE risks.

You see, I don’t want to pay $500 to potentially make $50.

No. I want to pay $50 to potentially make $500.

I like CHEAP risks and BIG rewards.

And that’s what this course is all about.

You’ll learn how to find cheap, underpriced options using a simple mathematical technique.

Then you’ll learn how to see the odds in the market so you can get paid 10-1 for only taking  3-1 risks.

This is how you take a tiny, itty-bitty account and grow it BIG and FAST.



Options For Income 

(1 Hour)

($147 value)

Let’s turn your laptop or phone into an ATM that spits wads of cash out at you whenever you push a button.

I know that sounds like a “too good to be true” claim and you may even be looking up the number for the FTC to report my whole operation as a nasty “get rich quick” scam.

Hold your horses.

When you understand how to use options as income – you can quite literally control your own income and create a reliable cash flow pretty much on-demand.

In this course, I’m going to show you my NUMBER ONE strategy for using options to create a consistent, passive stream of income in a safe and reliable way.

I’m also going to show you my favorite method for screening and scanning for these income-producing opportunities and the special little institutional-grade tricks I use to maximize profit.

Practical Money Management

(2 Hours)

($197 value)

You want to know one of the BIGGEST reasons folks have such a hard time learning this whole trading thing?

It’s not that they don’t know how to look at a chart…or find a decent trade…or hit that “buy” or “sell” button…or even get in at good prices.

The BIGGEST issue is that once they’re in a trade – they turn into nervous wrecks!

Every little twitch in the price either feels like you’re getting a knife twisted into your gut, or you’re day-dreaming about what color Lambo you’re going to buy and how much champagne you’ll need to order for your big, sexy party.

All these twisty-turny roller-coaster emotions cause people to make dumb, silly, stupid mistakes.

Well, how ‘bout we stop doing that?

In this course, I show you the BIG difference between pros and retail traders by going through exactly how we manage positions, how we stop ourselves from getting frightened out of our positions like a scaredy-cat, and how to develop defensive mindsets.

Grand Slam Options 

(3 Hours)

($397 value)

This is where we get into the nitty-gritty of it all!

In this incredibly comprehensive 3-hour course, we delve into the most advanced concepts of options trading.

This is the real high-level stuff.

After you get finished with this you’ll have the SAME level of insight that folks like me used as a CBOE options market maker. 

So buckle up — this is the big league. 

Option Trading Tips & Tricks

(1 Hour)

($197 value)

After a lot of poking and prodding by my students, I finally broke down and spilled three little-known industry secrets in this eye-opening 1-hour class.

These are secrets so coveted that many in professional traders would consider it heresy to divulge these classified tradecraft skills to the general public. 

But alas – I had to remind myself that I was no longer on the floor of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange, or on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, or overseeing 200+ traders at a prop firm. 

I was no longer sworn to secrecy and operating behind a thick curtain of industry NDAs.

So I decided – it was finally time to release these high-level concepts.

Ultimate Trade Mastery 

(4 Hours)

($450 value)

Hey – remember that whole spiel about position management I gave you earlier? (Yeah – the one right above this).

Well – that ain’t NUFFIN’ compared to this bad-boy of a course.

We’re going to take that fundamental position management training you learned and we’re going to turn you into lean, mean, money-making trading machine.

You’ll be the ultimate market warrior with a mindset carved out of iron (and maybe a heart made of gold?)

This is one of the most comprehensive courses I’ve ever built and it really is essential for rounding out your skill set.

My 4 Gap n’ Grab Techniques 

(1 Hour)

($147 value)

Gap-ups and Gap-downs – if you’ve spent any amount of time Googling, “How do I trade the STONKS market?” this is one of the most common “technical patterns” everybody and their uncle will be talking about. 

…but barely any of them are doing it the right way. 

In this video I show you my FAVORITE technique for gaps, which I call the “Gap n’ Grab” because you’ll be “grabbing” profits left and right. 

Many people think there are only 2 primary types of gaps (gap up, gap down) but there are actually four primary types.

Let me show you which gap patterns are dripping with opportunity and which ones you should stay far, far away from.

Masters In Technical Analysis

(1 Hour)

($225 value)

After this short, but enlightening course you’ll have received your “Masters In Technical Analysis.”

Now, you may not be able to use this particular Master’s degree in a job interview (it is…after all…completely made up), but after going through this 9-part training video you may not even need a pesky job! 

(Just kidding – don’t quit your day job….YET).

You’re going to learn Dow Theory, the “12 Tenants”, double-tops, triangles, and much MUCH more.

Finally – you’ll discover how to put it all together. 

Hedge Fund Secrets


($497 value)

Watch the video above for more details on Hedge Fund Secrets & the Trade Strategy you will want to know!

  • Mastering Options Trading 101 — $197 Value
  • Swinging For The Fences — $297 Value
  • Options For Income — $147 Value
  • Grand Slam Options — $397 Value
  • Practical Money Management — $197 Value
  • Ultimate Trade Mastery — $450 Value
  • 3 Little-Known Options Management Strategies To Give You An Edge — $197 Value
  • My 4 Gap n’ Grab Techniques — $147 Value
  • Masters In Technical Analysis — $225 Value
  • FREE BONUS: Hedge Fund Secrets $497 Value

TOTAL VALUE: $2,651+

YOURS TODAY: ONLY $297! 90% Off!

“Oh Jeez, I’m Kinda On The Fence…Should I Add This To My Order?”

This can be a tough decision, I understand.

Especially since you and I have not developed any kind of relationship. In fact, this is probably the first time you’re hearing about me. 

You’ve already taken a leap of faith, opened your wallet, and devoted $47 of your hard-earned money toward the The Quickstart Wiretapper Profits Package and for that I promise I will not let you down.

But here I am offering you more stuff for an additional $497 and you may be thinking, “Can I trust this guy? Should I really pay for all his other training? Or should I test the waters first?”

To help make up your mind, maybe this quick little story about something that happened to me back in 2014 will do the trick.

Around 2014 I was a pretty happy camper.

I was trading mainly for myself and a few select clients out of my home. 

I was consulting with a few small hedge funds and family offices – leveraging my “Rolodex” (not that anybody uses that anymore) for BIG pay-days and very little work on my part.

I had plenty of money. I had plenty of time. I got to hang out with my wife, son, and dog all day.

I really couldn’t complain. 

At the time, my entire career had been basically in the service of large institutional players and ultra-high net worth individuals (or just myself).

The people I trained to be traders underneath me were from really great schools or they had contacts in the industry – they were some of the best and brightest.

In other words – I’d never done any training for “normal” folks outside of this industry and I had no intention to.

That is until I had a chance meeting one night.

I was out at dinner with an acquaintance and someone at the table shared with me how they had started a business teaching people how to trade.

I knew this person and I blurted out, “But…you’ve NEVER been a professional trader!”

You see I was naïve. 

I had never heard of this whole world of “gurus” and “online trading courses.” In my mind, you couldn’t TEACH something that you hadn’t actually developed a legitimate career around. 

Common sense, right? Career first – teach second.

But here this guy was telling me, “Yeah, I’ve read X, Y, Z books on the subject so…”

This person believed that, since they read a bunch of books and took a bunch of courses, they should be able to develop a business regurgitating what they learned for a profit.

I started quizzing this person on various aspects of trading, for example “What’s Skew?”

Not only did they refuse to answer, they got frustrated with my line of questioning. 

My mind was blown.

After that I started delving into the shadowy, dishonest world of online trading gurus. 

And as someone who had spent my entire life devoted to this career – I saw how misleading everything they were saying was. 

Their information was bad. Their training was worse. Their promises were unrealistic. 

That’s why I started my company Masters In Trading – I got so ANGRY at what I was seeing that I decided I’d try to STEAL as many eyeballs away from these fakes as I could.

Now I’m no marketer. Or at least I didn’t start out as one. I had to learn. 

I had to learn how to write pages like this. I had to learn to grow my YouTube channel. I had to learn how to buy ads and “convert customers” like you. 

But, in my opinion, all the money and time and effort I’ve spent is worth it if I can just SHOW YOU THE WAY THE PROFESSIONALS DO IT. 

Right now you have a choice of walking away from this offer and that’s 100% fine. 

But here’s the thing – this is the best offer I can come up with for you.

I’m not doing this to get rich. Not to brag – but I was already ‘rich” by most people’s standards. 

I don’t NEED your money. 

I charge money for these courses because it takes me hours upon hours to produce them (and I’m disseminating nearly a quarter of a century worth of experience). 

I also charge money for them because I use that money flow to buy more advertising to steal more eyeballs.

And that’s expensive!

I can’t promise you that if you spend this money today you’ll be profitable or that your life will change, but I can promise you that you’ll have all the information to trade the RIGHT way.

Furthermore – I can promise you that this is the absolute BEST price I can come up with to give you every options class I’ve created over the last couple of years.

If that removes some doubt in your mind – good. That was my goal. 

And if I succeeded in removing some of that doubt and you’d like to go ahead and grab this special 90% off deal just click below to add it to your member area. 

I think it will help you a lot.


This is a one-time offer. If you choose to leave this page, then you void this offer forever. You will never see it again. You will not be able to email me later and say, “Jonathan! I changed my mind, is that offer still good?” Unfortunately the answer will be “No.” So think very carefully about your decision – it is an important one.

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