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One of the most difficult steps is finding out where you're supposed to be. You can tick that box off your list because you're in the RIGHT PLACE!

As an options trader, you'll get the benefit of advanced artificial intelligence-driven technology, extensively researched trade ideas, strategies, hands-on LIVE classes and guidance from a 24-year veteran market maker. If this sounds like a HECK yeah, it's time to roll. Here's your first step:

Find Trades with Wall Street Wiretapper

Unusual Options Activity Tool + Weekly Trades + Live Class

"Wiretap" Wall Street to Find Profitable Options Trades

Wallstreet Wiretapper is the culmination of Jonathan's 24 years of options trading experience and advanced machine-learning to produce the world's first artificial intelligence-driven Unusual Options Activity scanner. Wall Street Wiretapper provides a flawless history of what has happened in the past. Using end-of-day data and Artificial Intelligence to analyze the trade activity, you'll be pointed to excellent high probability trades.

The Best Analysis Tools for Your Trades

Simplify your analysis by scanning for buy and sell signals.

Once we've found where the ‘smart money’ is headed, the High Value Target (HVT) tool shines by helping us to determine if a stock is ‘expensive’ or ‘inexpensive’.

Visually represent the expected range of a stock's straddle.

Wall Street Wiretapper shows us where the smart money is headed. While the High Value Target (HVT) tool tells us if we should buy or sell a stock, the Volatility Visualizer shows us the expected range of a stock by presenting a visual representation of the straddle along with supporting historical metrics.

Masters in Trading Tech

VIX Trading System & Backtesting Tool

VIX Trading SystemWe want to trade like snipers, and the VIX Trading System is our trusty “spotter.”
– VIX Trading System designer, Pablo Lucena

The widely followed VIX is a measurement of the S&P 500’s expected movement over a 30-day period. Most traders monitor the VIX to measure risks in the stock market, but this is short-sighted. To see the clear picture, traders must follow VIX Term Structure.

Why You Should Follow the ENTIRE VIX Term Structure

By focusing on the S&P 500's movement over a 30-day period, it's easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. Check out this example:

NOVEMBER 15, 2019

The VIX (30d) was trading at 12.07, and the 9-day VIX was 9.67.  This is considered “normal”.

FEBRUARY 17, 2020

The VIX (30d) spiked 226% from $12.07 to $39.16, but the action was hidden in the 9-day which jumped from $9.67 to $54.74, a 466% spike higher.

MARCH 16, 2020

The VIX (30d) continue to rise to $82.69.The 9-day VIX, again, tells the most accurate picture of the current trading environment.

The VIX tool got me flat my 401k and IRAs – I missed the down move in both accounts, which has been a huge relief.

– Chris Hawkinson


A PREREQUISITE before you risk even a cent in the market. DON'T BE LEFT IN THE DARK!

When Jonathan was a market maker, Unusual Options Activity was what professional market makers used to price options and predict stock movement. This workshop is an absolute MUST for anybody who is considering risking their own money in the market. It’s imperative that every trader learn this.

Get Jonathan's best 5-8 Earnings Trades THIS quarter!

Earnings Academy is a systematic approach Jonathan learned as a market maker working at the Options exchange. This is the exact approach he uses to trade every earnings season. Get his recommended trade picks before the next Earnings season.

This is the most complete information on closed-end funds

Jonathan built this trade for a 50 Million Dollar Chicago Family Fund. We take a deep dive into Closed-End Funds and gain a real EDGE when funds aren’t priced properly. This program is for experienced traders looking for a consistent EDGE.


Find profitable trades with the world's first AI-Driven unusual options activity scanner. Try out the program for 30 days.