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World's First AI-Driven Unusual Options Activity Tool

Wall Street Wiretapper is an AI-driven learning robot that quickly identifies unusual options activity, hones in on opportunities and organizes unusual options activity in context with stats and scans that are exclusive to Wall Street Wiretapper™.
Information is critical and Wall Street Wiretapper™'s mission is to show you exactly which stocks are presenting actionable trading data. Where is the “smart money” trading?  Is the option flow getting long or short volatility? Is the option flow bullish or bearish for the underlying stock? How unusual is this trade?

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Get the power of the Wall Street Wiretapper's unusual options activity AI tool with continued education, live classes, weekly trade alerts, 8-12 active trades weekly and access to our best selling unusual options activity workshop in a monthly membership that will up your trading game. 

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  • Access to Wall Street Wiretapper™, the world's first AI-drive unusual options activity tool
  • Unusual Options Activity Course
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  • Introduction to the Wall Street Wiretapper™ Tool and Scan Walk-Through

  • Wall Street Wiretapper™ Cheat Sheet – Scanning Codes

  • Last 5 Recorded Wall Street Wiretapper™ Continuing Education Classes

  • Coaching Class: How to Analyze the Solar Sector

  • Trades for the Week (8-12 active trades every Sunday!)

  • Weekly Trade Alerts

  • Wiretapper Demonstration Class (5 hrs)
  • Live Monthly Unusual Options Activity Class

  • Unusual Options Activity Workshop

With Wall Street Wiretapper™, you won’t be left in the dark.

Wall Street Wiretapper

Unusual Options Activity Tool

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