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One of the most difficult steps is finding out where you're supposed to be. You can tick that box off your list because you're in the RIGHT PLACE!

We understand that the biggest hurdle for many traders is confidence in their own trading ability. Factor in risk and you have a scary situation that holds many traders back. The Masters in Trading Community provides the foundation for confidence. Get the trades that matter most while also receiving guidance from seasoned trading pros and a supportive community. Simply follow our road map below to get started.

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Trade Ideas + Classes + Support & Community

Get the trades that matter.

Masters in Trading Community is our monthly membership that provides you with the trades that matter. Get trades delivered weekly, find the support you need from Monday & Friday live Q&A sessions and rely on the guidance and support of a vibrant Discord community.

Trading Tools and Technology

Simplify your analysis by scanning for buy and sell signals.

Once we've found where the ‘smart money’ is headed, the High Value Target (HVT) tool shines by helping us to determine if a stock is ‘expensive’ or ‘inexpensive’.

Visually represent the expected range of a stock's straddle.

While the High Value Target (HVT) tool tells us if we should buy or sell a stock, the Volatility Visualizer shows us the expected range of a stock by presenting a visual representation of the straddle along with supporting historical metrics.

VIX Trading System & Backtesting Tool

The widely followed VIX is a measurement of the S&P 500’s expected movement over a 30-day period. Many traders monitor the VIX to measure risks in the market, but this is short-sighted. To see a clear picture, you must follow VIX Term Structure.


EDGE Series Tools

EDGE Series tools capture the volatility and wide P/L swings of the financial markets in a more reliable and quantifiable manner. These tools are the perfect solution for traders who are serious about relative value trading. Gain an edge with some of the most advanced toolsets available anywhere.


A PREREQUISITE before you risk even a cent in the market.

When Jonathan was a market maker, Unusual Options Activity was what professional market makers used to price options and predict stock movement. This workshop is an absolute MUSTif you are considering risking your own money in the market. It’s imperative that every trader learn this.

Get Jonathan's best 5-8 Earnings Trades THIS quarter!

Earnings Academy is a systematic approach Jonathan learned as a market maker working at a Options exchange. This is the approach he uses to trade every earnings season. Get his recommended trade picks before the next Earnings season.

This is the most complete information on closed-end funds

Jonathan built this trade for a 50 Million Dollar Chicago Family Fund. We take a deep dive into Closed-End Funds and gain a real EDGE when funds aren’t priced properly. This program is for experienced traders looking for a consistent EDGE.

Our BESTSELLING Futures Product! Your Trading Transformation Begins HERE!

Bond Bootcamp is where your educations starts. Bond Bootcamp provides a deeper dive into relative value trading education. Build a solid foundation with the best teacher and education available by getting started with with this incomparable workshop.

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