Unlock Your Potential in Futures Trading with Masters in Trading

Your journey to becoming a successful futures trader begins here. Led by Jonathan Rose, a pioneer in computer-based trading, this comprehensive program is designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and support you need to excel with futures trading.

Why Choose the Futures Program at Masters in Trading?

  • Expert Guidance: With over 2 decades of experience and a proven track record in trading, Jonathan Rose is your trusted mentor. Benefit from his deep understanding of the markets, risk analysis, and arbitrage opportunities.
  • Comprehensive Education: A strong foundation of knowledge in bond futures trading is the cornerstone of the curriculum. Learn to identify divergence points across the yield curve and leverage them as potential entry points into trades.
  • Risk Management: Develop the skills to protect your capital and manage risk effectively, ensuring long-term success in the markets.
  • Community Support: Our exclusive Discord community—a network of like-minded traders who share the same goals and challenges. Gain direct support from our team of experts and fellow community members, exchange ideas, and celebrate successes together.

Step 1: Discover the Art of Relationship Trading: Where Correlation Leads to Profitability!

Master Futures Trading in 45 Days or Less with Our Recommended Introductory Course

Wager on Correlation… Not Direction​.  Learn the art of relative value trading and find hidden opportunities. You'll learn tried-and-true tactics like spreads, triangles, and butterflies for maximum profits. Master precise trades with confidence using butterfly strategies. Identify support and resistance levels, make informed decisions aligned with trends. Find high-probability trades with the rubber band approach.

Step 2: Solidify Your Foundation

Our BESTSELLING Futures Product will Transform your Futures Trading

Bond Bootcamp is where your educations starts. Bond Bootcamp provides a deeper dive into relative value trading education. Build a solid foundation with the best teacher and education available by getting started with with this incomparable workshop.

Tools for Futures Traders

EDGE Series Tools

EDGE Series tools capture the volatility and wide P/L swings of the financial markets in a more reliable and quantifiable manner. These tools are the perfect solution for traders who are serious about relative value trading. Gain an edge with some of the most advanced toolsets available anywhere.

Just Want to Dive in?

Discover the profound advantages of Relative Value Trading and elevate your futures trading!