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Hi, I'm Jonathan Rose – founder of Masters in Trading.

As the premier membership program, we offer a condensed and comprehensive curriculum, elite mentorship from 

As the #1 rated Bond Futures educator on YouTube, my goal is to provide extensive educational resources covering entries, exits, and position management. This program's real-time assistance, along with a vibrant community of like-minded traders, equips you with adaptability to market changes, recurring education, and the development of professionalism and confidence. 

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Others Who Have Benefited from FiT Club

I've been really impressed with the trade management knowledge I've learned from MIT. Instead of constantly searching for new trades, I now spend most of my time figuring out the best way to manage the ones I have. It's more efficient and effective.

-Donna W

Jonathan’s futures program is worth every penny. He's not just teaching how to make money, he's teaching how to build a sustainable trading career. His approach to trading is logical and based on sound principles, and I've seen significant improvement in my trading since working with him.

-Kevin C

Working with Jonathan Rose has been a game changer for me. He's not just trying to sell indicators or strategies with ridiculous success rates, he's actually teaching how to manage money and trade the market. It has been the best investment I've made in my trading career.

-Fit Club Member

How You'll Benefit as a FiT Club Member:

  • Bond Program

    Unlock the secrets to trading success as you delve into our renowned Bond Program, guided by Jonathan Rose's expertise.

  • Unparalleled Education

    Access a comprehensive curriculum covering all aspects of futures trading, empowering you to make informed decisions with confidence.​

  • Real-Time Mentorship

    Personalized guidance and real-time assistance from community members, ensuring you receive support when navigating the complexities of the futures market.​

  • Community Collaboration

    Connect with a vibrant community of passionate traders, sharing insights through collaborative discussions and forging valuable relationships within the FiT Club network.​

  • Adaptive Strategies

    Learn to thrive in dynamic market conditions with adaptive trading strategies that enable you to seize profitable opportunities.​

  • Risk Management Mastery

    Acquire the skills to effectively manage risk, protect your investments, and make calculated decisions that lead to long-term success.​

  • Professional Development

    Develop the confidence and mindset of a successful trader through tailored guidance and industry-best practices shared by Jonathan Rose.​

  • Valuable Resources

    Access a wealth of educational materials, including live classes, webinars, and in-depth tutorials, ensuring continuous growth of your trading skills.​

  • Trading Excellence

    Unlock your true potential as you refine your abilities to analyze market trends, identify high-probability trades, and execute with precision.​


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