Swinging For the Fences

What if you could BUY options with little risk and potentially win big today... and every day after that?

Swinging for the Fences is a proven options education course. We'll equip you with the knowledge to potentially generate huge returns through mis-priced options.  

Completely updated in January 2023, Swinging for the Fences is more streamlined than ever. Ready to hit them out of the park? We'll help you level-up your trading… fast.

Ready to take your trading game up a notch?

Hi, I'm Jonathan Rose – founder of Masters in Trading.

Don't waste your money trying and failing. Get the education you need for trading success! Hundreds of my past students have learned to find low-risk trades with the potential for high returns.  

Are you ready to mitigate risks in your trading account by learning position management techniques like Gamma scalping?

Get the roadmap you need to get results and build your account.

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By the End of this Program, You’ll Have Mastered:

  • Know What Options to Buy and Why

    Lessen overthinking and reduce the scary nature of trading by learning confidence and consistency with your approach.

  • How to Search for Trades that are Ready to Move

    Get positioned to make back lost time decay.

  • Position Management and Scalping Gamma

    Learn one of the most sophisticated and effective strategies in options trading.

  • An Option Scan that Attracts Optimal Trades

    Get in the position where risk is small and gains are potentially big.

  • Confidence to See Opportunity and Grab it!

    Get comfortable Swinging for the Fences!

Transform Your Trading. Swinging for the Fences is NEW, and Officially OPEN for Enrollment!

Swinging for the Fences will give you the skills, strategy, and resources that will allow you to confidently give your trading account (and yourself) the gift that keeps on giving – the foundation to fuel your freedom and ability to trade forever.





What's Inside Swinging for the Fences?

Module 1

A Simple Guide to Buying Call and Puts

  • Learn basic options math to prevent unnecessary losses

  • Understand the importance of paper trading so you can learn without risking money

  • How to enter and exit an options position to avoid price slippage

Module 2

Learn How Professionals Value Stock Options

  • Move past the frustration of not knowing what stocks to trade

  • Straddles and Strangles, it’s the first thing traders look at

  • Why to avoid options with large spreads

Module 3

The 3 Ways to Manage Your Options Position

  • Say “goodbye” to feeling “stuck in a trade” when you learn scalping gamma

  • How to easily roll your options position into a spread

  • What’s the likelihood your position ends up making money?

Module 4

How to Scan For Swinging For the Fences Trades​

  • Powerful, free screening tool available to traders

  • Trading (Case Study) - 14 results, 12 winner, 2 loser

  • How to compare volatility across industries, to find inexpensive options


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If you're ready to start Swinging for the Fences,
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