Today's Bull Market According to 3 Simple Charts [Speculation]

Today's Bull Market According to 3 Simple Charts [Speculation]

There's been some volatility in the markets but I think it's going to result in a bullish market; here's what I'm looking at and my best trade idea RIGHT NOW.

1. The S&P500 (/ES)

-Let's take a look and keep it simple using just the 100/200 period moving averages.
-Pay attention to the weekly highs/lows (again, keep it simple)
-2539 is going to be our Line In the Sand. Above it, we're bullish. Below it, we're bearish.

2. Next up: Crude Oil (/CL)

– Oil has been hit hard, and now it's dancing around its 100 period moving average. this is going to be a major level.
– All markets are connected. Let's look at take a look at /CL and /ES. Do you see anything worth talking about?We look at all the markets to see what impact they have on each other. Do you use relative value trading?


3.The Ten Year Notes (/ZN)

-The Ten Year Futures Contact has rallied as the market fell, but if the S&P continues to stabilize and rally…

-If Crude continues to rally…
-If there is positive news from Trump on tariffs…
-If there is a change in the FED stance…

And the S&P to trade higher, the Ten Year Notes are going to get annihilated.

The trade I like right now is short TEN YEAR NOTES (ZN).

Take a look at the video and I'll lay it out for you with all the details.