Unusual Options Activity

Market Makers need to understand the intention of the biggest options volume in the market, that’s what we refer to as Unusual Options Activity. As a market maker, Unusual Options Activity (UOA) was the only tool we used to value options because without it you’re flying blind. This course teaches you what UOAs are, and then how to interpret the intention of the biggest orders so you can benefit and finally, how you can manage your options position once you commit to a trade.

If options traders could focus on one lesson, my advice would be this: learn how to trade using the free information the market provides.

Unusual Options Activity is a perfect example of required knowledge for anyone committed to succeeding as a trader.


Learn the specifics of Unusual Options Activity and answer questions like:

  • Learn to make money by piggy-backing the smartest money in the room

  • Follow the only tool market makers use to value stock options

  • Understand the intention of huge options orders

  • Benefit from the transparency of options volume flow and stay away from opaque stock volume

  • Learn how to scan For Unusual Options Activity trades

  • How to adjust your scans in different market conditions

  • Take advantage of the free information the market wants to give to you

Watch these unusual options trades in action!





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$497 – Unusual Options Activity


  • 5+ Hrs


  • 90 Minute Unusual Options Activity Course

  • 40-minute Position Management Video – Scalping Gamma Explained

  • 3 Hours Live Recorded Classes – Learn Unusual Options Activity Scans


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