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WEB 3.0 is too big for any trader to ignore. There are so many opportunities in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and these opportunities are expanding at an unprecedented rate.

Web 3.0 – Searching for Magic Internet Money is a monthly membership that provides you with an edge. We'll help you find real actionable opportunities in the world of DeFi, Coins, NFTs and other digital assets, while also equipping you with the education and practical exposure you'll need to find these great investments on your own.

Web 3.0 - It's Easier Than You Think

Jonathan took to researching WEB 3.0 and the blockchain in late 2020 and has never looked back. By accruing various Coins, NFT's and other digital assets, he's earned a healthy return and through this process, gained some practical insights on how to identify and participate in undervalued opportunities.

Get the following:

  • Weekly Meet-up – 60 min session to search for opportunities and answer questions
  • Simple steps to get started on WEB 3.0 
  • Last 5 Recorded Web 3.0 Sessions
  • 3+ hours of education
  • $XRP – 60 min special recorded session


$147 / Month


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Gain the insight to identify and participate in Web 3.0 investment opportunities

Web 3.0 - Searching for Magic Internet Money

Weekly 60 Minute Meet-Up

Simple Steps to Get Started

Last 5 Recorded Web 3.0 Sessions

3 Hours+ of Education

$XRP – 60 Minute Recorded Session


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